Top 20


1 Adrienne Nye Lonely Days JumpAttack Records
2 Anlil Phantom IVIII
3 Billie Eilish NDA Darkroom / Interscoope
4 Cheap Tobacco Zobaczmy Siebie Indie
5 Cynthia Tauro Right Here Indie
6 David Walrod Glass House Indie
7 Don Graham Como Te Amo EMG 
8   Imagine Dragons Wrecked Interscoope Records
9 John Fogerty Weeping In The Promised Land BMG
10 Kele Fleming Me Oh My Indie
11 Lanterns Dreaming Too Indie
12 Michelle Creber Feels Like Summer Indie
13 Niz Wiz God Do Me A Solid El Macambo Records
14 Of Candor Won’t Go Away Indie
15 Red Dirt Skinners Brighter Days Ahead Indie
16  Robinson Kirby Summer of Love Cool Pear
17  Rogov Love is a Killer Indie
18 Sammy Jackson What Is There To Say Indie
19 Shona C’est Non Indie
20 Toronto Poor Boy No Stressing Indie