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The music industry has changed over the decades and it is harder than ever to get airplay for new artists and the legendary ones are finding it harder not just to get their older catalogue played but for their new releases as well. Meet Cashbox Radio! Now entering into our 3rd year with our online platform, we have established a way to play the hits of the past along with new indie artists right alongside each other in our unique format.

Using our already established formats of our legendary magazines, and we adapt the same ideas with honoring the past hits and giving the new indies a chance to be heard – we always say someone has to play that new hit for the first time and we want it to be us! Our Cashbox DJ Hosts are all experienced djs, singer/songwriters and artists,  marketing professionals and industry icons. 

If you are on this site you can listen right here or you can download our FREE app – Cashbox Radio available on Androids and iPhones– rated 5 star in the App store. 
“Radio The Way It Used To Be” – and always will be with Cashbox Radio! Live 24/7.

Our Hosts

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We get a lot of submissions, we can’t answer everything, we try to listen to everything. Our playlists and rotation are on our site.