Cashbox Radio an extension of the legendary magazine Cashbox Magazine Canada.

Cash Box was originally spelled as two words. It debuted in July 1942 and under the direction of the original owner George Albert, it ran until 1996 until it closed its doors. Ten years later, it was revived by Bruce Elrod and his team and now the legacy continues as Cashbox Magazine (US) and Cashbox Canada, now with Cashbox being one word.

The word Cashbox was named after the actual ‘cash box’ inside the jukeboxes of America. When customers put their money in and played ie A1, the money dropped down into a specific spot in the cash box and this is how the original Cash Box Charts were derived from collecting that information. Unlike Billboard, Cashbox combined all currently available recordings of a song into one chart position with artist and label information shown for each version.

In 2006, under the leadership of (the late) Bruce and Chris Elrod, Cash Box was reinvented as an online-only Cashbox Magazine, with the consent and cooperation of the family of George Albert, the late president and publisher of the original edition.  

In 2008, Sandy Graham obtained the rights and ownership of Cashbox Canada and launched an online magazine committed to running stories of both legacy and unknown indie artists.  In the last few years, we have expanded to cover global artists as well as Canadians because we feel at Cashbox that music has no borders. Cashbox Radio and Cashbox Canada magazine are trademarked entities.

With decades of history in the name Cashbox, in 2019, Cashbox Radio was launched and a new era began using the same mandate of combining legendary and unknown artists. The DJ Hosts are their own Music Directors and produce their own shows, hence the slogan “Cashbox Radio – Radio The Way It Used to Be!”