If you missed an interview, you will find some of them here. After they have been broadcast we put them on as podcasts/playlists on Spotify and Youtube. Just listen here directly from our site or as direct links. Just go into the page on each show.

Industry Talks – How To Send Music to Radio

A show on how you send music to radio

Interview with Ömer Akay from Despotz

An interview with one of the driving forces of the bigger indie labels in Sweden. We are going through how they find artists, what makes them tick and how the climate in the music industry has changed. Listen to Ömer Akay from Despotz.

Interview with Alex Henry Foster

A new interview Cashbox radio did with Alex Henry Foster on his European tour.

MMB Special

Soon it’s Mastering the Music Business in Romania. One of our favorite festivals. We did a special show on  Cashbox Radio around all the bands. Here it is as a playlist on Spotify and Youtube

Interview with The Riptide Movements

An interview with the Irish band The Riptide Movement.

MENT special

If you missed it on Cashbox Radio our special show around MENT festival. Here you have the pod/playlist version both on Spotify and Youtube, we would recommend Youtube since that contains all songs and you can see all the lovely videos

Interview with David Silbaugh and Grace Puluczek

This interview I think as many bands and mangers should listen to! We have a talent buyer from one of the bigger festivals in the world talking with managers what to do and not do. How they care about social media numbers, how to get their attention. Also how to network on showcases and why they work in the industry. Here is Grace Puluczek and David Silbaugh

Interview with Alice Goes to Motherland.

About touring in Russia and new music meet Alice goes to motherland.

Interview with Tommy Rehn

Cashbox Radio did an interview with Tommy Rehn in Barcelona discussing his career and his son’s career to be a manager to your child and comparison how DIY in the 90:s is not that far from DIY now and what is needed. Yes you can listen straight her on the site

Bobby Curtola interview

A video interview with Bobby Curtola